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1989 Pontiac 6000STE AWD: A Unicorn’s Unicorn


At TTS, we miss Pontiac. From the early days of motoring through the GTO and Firebird Trans Am – and with their attempts to transcend General Motor’s worst days of badge-engineering – Pontiac tried to build some level of excitement into their brand. The history is well-documented, but the exclamation point you should remember about Pontiac’s time as a manufacturer was the G8 sedan, a rip-snorting V8 hooligan in a decent Men’s Wearhouse suit. Continue reading


They Came To Boston


WFNX and the Boston Phoenix are gone. Published and broadcast for 30 years, they were synonymous with college radio and the Boston college music scene. When Clear Channel bought the dial space, they moved radio operations to WFNX.com and, quite frankly, the playlist improved dramatically. Sadly, two days ago it all went down. An institution has vanished, leaving a void to be filled with yet more corporate radio.*

Because you need to hear Stairway to Heaven just one more zillion times. Continue reading

Where Cars Go To Die

Living in California had its advantages when it came to spotting near-extinct species of interesting cars; classics like BMW’s iconic 2002 were almost commonplace. Fiats littered Craigslist and the local strip-mall shopping centers. Less common were the vastly superior Datsun 510s, but they could still be spotted if you knew where to look. Residents can and do use classics as daily transportation. I once lived near a guy in Sausalito (just north of San Francisco) with a Jaguar XKE coupe, for example, and by now we’ve all heard about the nut in San Diego with the Lamborghini 400GT sporting over 250,000 miles.

But I don’t live in California any more. I live in Minnesota. Continue reading