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Five Cars You Can Buy Today that Your Neighbor Doesn’t Have

Neighbor - 1

Part of being a TTSer is coveting the strange, unusual, abnormal, underappreciated, etc. – automotively speaking. One of our favorite pastimes in the TTS offices is to peruse classified ads from the UK, mainland Europe, and even the Far East and elsewhere in search of whacky cars that whet our appetites. A particular favorite website for this colossal timewasting is Germany’s So on the tail-end of buying another car this week (details forthcoming) and then tripping on another car I’d wanted to buy only to have the seller take his sweet time getting back to me, I thought I’d distract myself by looking for fun cars that one could conceivably buy for credit card or home equity money – including shipping – and which you’d be 100% certain your neighbor wouldn’t have. Unless he or she is more interesting than you are..
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Garage Corner: New Shoes for the 1993 MX-5 Miata

When I was writing the ad to sell the Miata, the one negative that gnawed at me was the old, flat-spotted Dunlop tires. I knew they were old, because 1) I had the receipt, and 2) they were the same Dunlop D60 A2s that I bought for our 1994 Miata in early 1997. I don’t think they’ve made these tires for over 10 years. Regardless, they were old, hard, flat-spotted and in dire need of replacement. It was not a story I wanted to explain to potential buyers, and was a definite knock-down to a really terrific car. Now that I have decided to keep it, I decided it was high time to address the issue.

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1993 Acura Vigor GS: Honda Builds an Audi

In the early 1990s, after being exonerated from the “unintended acceleration” scandal which concluded with the simple fact that drivers are stupid and resulted in the brake release for automatic transmissions that are law today, Audi came back. Before the UI debacle, they had been lauded in the automotive press for bringing to market stylish luxury German cars that regular people could afford. They looked a little like Mercedes, but sleeker. As their resurgence took hold in earnest, the folks in the land of the rising sun took notice. Honda’s Acura brand had taken aim directly at the likes of Audi, but lacked a mid-size sports sedan in their lineup – the Integra was too small and the Legend was a little too cushy. So they borrowed a page from Audi’s playbook – longitidinally-mounted inline-5, short front overhang, availability of a 5-speed manual tansmission, strong list of standard equipment, and zebrano wood – and built the Vigor. Good examples are getting hard to find, but this clean example can be found here on Craigslist in Cornelius, Oregon for just $2,595, or click here for a listing of Vigors for sale from multiple sites.

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1983 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL: Grey Market Goodness

To anyone who has visited our blog more than, well, once, it probably goes without saying that we like big stupid cars. I like them with big, gas guzzling V8 motors, all the creature comforts, and I am particularly fond of the big German ones that look like they belong to a master villain from some cheesey 1980s movie. Cars like this 1983 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL.

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It’s Just a Big 5000S, Right?

You don’t see a lot of hot-rodding once you arrive at the c-suite level of cars. Sure, over the years Alpina and Hartge have rubbed on some BMW 7-series, and AMG has certainly wafted their magic wands over the occasional Mercedes-Benz S-class, much to the joy of every Miami drug dealer in the 1980s. But what about those overdressed Volkswagens from Ingolstadt, better known as Audi? Continue reading

I Might Like You Better If I Knew What This Car Was

Romeo Void rocked a blend of new wave and proto-alternative with “Never Say Never,” a song best remembered for the eminently quotable line, “I might like you better if we slept together.” Sure, the sax work sounds like the immoral love child of Huey Lewis and the News and the late, great Clarence Clemons. And the lead singer, the fabulous Debora Iyall, has the strange appeal of Rosanne’s Barr’s slightly deranged doppelgänger. Don’t worry, though: Your confusion as to what this has to with cars, like a girl in trouble, is a temporary thing. Continue reading