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By now, since you bothered to click the About button, you must be at least a little curious, wondering, “Why us?”

We realize there are dozens of car blogs out there, and that some are better than others. We read many of them. Why did we start another one? It sounds simple, but we think ours is better. It’s about more than cars, though cars are the central theme. Our totem:

1. We are not slaves to advertisers, sponsors or the mob. Well, the last one hasn’t come knocking yet, but so far we’re good. We are not doing this to get rich – clearly – though we do appreciate any support the blog generates, financial or otherwise. However, we are not going to promote useless items solely to please some marketing ponce. Period. If you want opinions, rants and some good information about all types of cars, then we are kindred spirits.

2. We do this out of passion. Passion for all things automotive. One of our basic philosophies is we can have fun driving just about anything. Ferrari F40? Of course. Mini Cooper? Right on. 1997 Lincoln Town Car? Three words: Grosse Pointe Blank. We are Car Geeks (capital C, capital G) and proud of it. By nature of the fact you’re still reading, we are willing to bet you are too.

3. We are capable of stringing words together coherently. Frankly, and especially in the automotive world, the amount of poorly-written drivel has led to our need – no, our obligation – to provide a higher standard. We know there are three ways to spell ‘there’ and we know when to use them. At the same time, we’re funny. Just ask us. We’re also not shy to say we’re smart. We may or may not be smarter than you, but it’s our blog so do the math.

4. We couldn’t find a car blog that appeals to everyone. Because we are about all things automotive, there’s no minimum ante to play here. Do we like supercars? Sure, some of them. We also think the douchnozzle who buys a new Gallardo as the next fashion accessory on his checklist should probably… never mind. We’d rather hang out with the guy who spent every penny he had in a loving nut-and-bolt restoration of his dad’s Chrysler TC by Maserati not because we have any strong affinity for those rolling disasters, but because he’s a guy who gets the theory behind what we’re trying to do.

Still reading?

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  1. I am a car enthusiast, granted a clueless one, but I still enjoy everything “car.” I wanted to thank you guys for putting together a very informative and well-written car blog.

    My own blog I describe as “unofficially about cars,” but it is my own little space where I can document my curiosities and observations.

    If its a douchnozzle with the Gallardo, that what is this guy who I recorded in Miami? I shake my head every time I rewatch the vid.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


    • From my perspective, they are generally great cars, and I by far prefer the small bumpers to the monstrosities bolted onto US cars. Not to mention much better power. All that said, it comes down to the quality of the federalization and the overall condition of the car – standard 107 stuff like rust, etc. Cars that were carefully converted or, better yet, not converted at all are the ones to look for. There were a lot of fly by night operations in those days that just cobbled the things together sloppily to meet US requirements, and they can be nightmares and a losing battle to try and make right.

  2. Just found this blog. I love it. I, too, live in the Twin Cities and love some qwirky ’80’s cars only because of their relative rarity, even around here. Like what you ask? My current classic is a 1980 BMW e21. A what? That’s right, a comically under-powered 1980 BMW 320i. Bought for the princely sum of $75 delivered to my door, it had a seized engine and a moldy interior from 16 years in “storage” in Colorado.I have been resurrecting the car on a budget for the last four years or so. It runs well, handles well, looks okay and can barely get out of it’s own way. I love it. And, all in, I’ve got $2k into it so far and have driven the now reliable car to Chicago and back a couple times.

    I think a car show or gathering specific to 1980’s cheeseball cars is in order.

  3. was looking for a new fun car and tried to get in a Mercedes 107. 6’4″ and 300 lbs just didn’t fit. First car was a VW convertible and moved seat track a bit. had a few 240Z’s in my youth, Datsun 510 wagon, 67 Mustang, and a 77 Eldorado convertible along with dozens of others. Had a few odd ones too, Land Rover 88, Rover 2000TC (P9). Went to BMW motorcycles for 15 years now I just piddle professionally and am 60 so I’m no longer trying to set records on Deals Gap but still need to feed the rat. What weirdness would you steal me to. Want to see if I can fit in a 129 or just give up on the drop top and get a coup. Daily is a 2018 Ram 2500 Cummins so I have reliability and boring in spades. 8K toy budget. No more frame offs and LS swaps I want to drive while I have fun. Pretty fair mechanic

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