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TTS: The Podcast 004 – The want for American cars

In Episode 004, Reed and Jonathan reminisce about the cars of their teen years (in the 1980s, to be specific): the Pontiac 6000STE and Grand Prix, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Buick Riviera, the Mercury Topaz, and the lesser-spec pedestrian versions of the cars our parents seemed to acquire over our own more sporting preferences. There is content for them furrin’ car folks, too, but you have to listen to get it. There’s also a little chat about plumbing and survival drinking, both separately and together.

TTS: The Podcast 001 – Let’s Do a Podcast!

In Episode 001, Jonathan and Reed talk Saabs, why you should pay more for a better car (assuming availability), venerable engine designs, convertibles, twin-turbo yuppie-era Maseratis, parts cars, and rust free vs. “rust free.” We also mock the Chrysler TC by Maserati and Cadillac Allante, while delving into a little bit about what it means to be Totally That Stupid.