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TTS: The Podcast 001 – Let’s Do a Podcast!

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Totally That Stupid: The Podcast!

In Episode 001, Jonathan and Reed talk Saabs, why you should pay more for a better car (assuming availability), venerable engine designs, convertibles, twin-turbo yuppie-era Maseratis, parts cars, and rust free vs. “rust free.” We also mock the Chrysler TC by Maserati and Cadillac Allante, while delving into a little bit about what it means to be Totally That Stupid. 

While it will likely be all downhill from here, please do give us a listen and get in on the conversation. Don’t be shy. We welcome comments, feedback, opinions, debate, agreement, negotiations, or love songs.

Ready? Go.

Music: “Pint Of Evil” by Alexander Nakarada

3 thoughts on “TTS: The Podcast 001 – Let’s Do a Podcast! Leave a comment

  1. Listening to this makes me think you two are here in the living room having this conversation. Definitely familiar with the 1-sided version on a daily basis. Congratulations to you both! This is awesome!

  2. Fun! But I think you were talking about the wrong Quattroporte – I’ve always been a fan of the goofy looks of the S1 – kind of like an unattractive NK sedan, but with a big, torquey V8. And, likely, everything on it carefully fabrictated of unobtanium…

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