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Commentary: Death Of A Manual

Row Your Own

There’s been a lot of chatter for a long time about the impending demise of the row-your-own manual transmission. I’m not talking about those automated manuals – with or without an actual clutch or two – with acronyms lifted from the annals of phone company documentation such as DCT, DSG, PDK, etc. No, I speak of the real, three-pedal mechanical gear changers with a friendly stick emerging from either the floor or – if you’re old – the steering column. Continue reading

Fleet Update: Perfection or Patina?

I have this awful habit of buying old cars in varying state of disrepair with delusions of making them perfect while at the same time hardly spending a dime in the process. Admittedly, my DIY skills are good enough for oil changes, maybe a valve cover gasket or shock absorbers, and detailing. Much beyond those and I rapidly fall out of my element. I do keep spreadsheets on my project cars, and I can say that I am ahead of the game when you look at the big picture, but only just.

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Forget-Me-Not: The Acura NSX

The Acura (Honda) NSX is a car I keep forgetting about. I forget how light and quick they are. I space how timeless the design is, both inside and out, even though they were derided as boring on introduction. My mind slips away from the new 1991 NSX I drove, slowly and carefully, back from a body shop while I was working at an Acura dealership while in high school.

I also keep forgetting the damn things are now collectible.

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Garage Corner: A New Addition- For Now….


It’s been a while since my last Garage Corner post, partly because I, myself, can’t even keep up with the recent changes. Actually, there’s really only been one major change, but it happened so quickly that I’m still not totally sure what I did, or whether I’m happy about it. This week’s trip to Germany and England didn’t help much either, because I seem to have developed a taste for a few cars of a very different breed from my latest acquisition: this Anthracite Grey on Palomino MBTex 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbodiesel.

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The Main Event: Techno Classica 2012


This is the obligatory 2013 Techno Classica Essen picture of Hall 10 at the Messe Essen convention center which has housed this event since its inception. But this hall barely scratches the surface. In fact, Techno Classica is comprised of displays in 17 interior halls, 3 outdoor open-air “markets”, and a covered vendor gallery. There is also food. And beer. Both German, and both really very tasty! Try as you might, there is really no way to take in the whole show in just a day (That’s a hint by the way. When you plan to come to next year’s event, plan on at least two days).

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Buying vs. Renting at the Nürburgring

My cohort Reed is in Germany this week visiting the holiest of hallowed grounds, the Nürburgring. He’s travelling with fellow car goon Dan Trent, a scribe in England for PistonHeads.com, who has arranged the transportation in the form of a new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS. I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds fast. And expensive. And fun. Even if the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Continue reading