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2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI: Torque Much?

2004 Touareg - 1

Generally speaking, I am not an SUV guy. I appreciate that you can sit up high, and frankly, I’ve found myself contemplating getting one more than once just so I have a fighting chance of seeing around the rolling billboard of an SUV or minivan that invariably manages to get in front of me every single stinking day that I commute. That said, I am most definitely a diesel guy. Ever since I got off a Pan Am 747 in Hong Kong in 1977 and was met with the incessant sound and smell of diesel motors, I’ve been a fan. Yup, I’m the weirdo that likes the noise AND the smell. It’s a thing, but it’s my thing.

When I was a teenager, my parents bought a Mercedes diesel – formerly the property of Benny Goodman, the late King of Swing – but that’s a different story. I learned to drive on that car, and really came to love the pull of a diesel motor. Where gas-engined cars (especially from the late-70s through the mid-80s) ran out of steam about halfway up the rev band, the diesel would just keep on pulling. While it wasn’t fast, it did feel, well, unstoppable.

If you fast forward to the relative present, diesel technology has changed by leaps and bounds, thanks largely to the Daimler engineers who figured out that direct injection diesel motors coupled with efficient turbochargers could produce gasoline-engined performance while still retaining diesel efficiency. That’s why Europe is literally peppered with efficient and fast diesel cars. We Americans keep holding out for cleaner performance – EPAnazis flaming even the new diesels for releasing far too much particulate into the atmosphere. Hey, something’s going to kill you eventually, and I’d rather get a little soot and 50mpg with performance than HCs and 20mpg, but whatever. Truth be told, I think it’s big oil’s way of ensuring they get the most out of every barrel – diesel to Europe, gas to America.

2004 Touareg - 2

But again I digress. Americans have had a few glimpses into the modern possibilities that high-compression oil burners have to offer: the Mercedes CDI and Bluetec motors and the VW 1.9 TDI that has found its way into several vehicles over the past 12 or so years for starters. One diesel bright spot for the US market, however, was the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI – like this example for sale here on Craigslist in Aspen, Colorado for $18,000.

2004 Touareg - 4

These days, you can get your Touareg with a somewhat run-of-the-mill V6 TDI, which is still impressive in its own right, but going back a few years, from 2004-2008 (but not 2005, due to emissions issues), you could get five liters and ten cylinders of mean, torquey diesel oomph. And that’s precisely what it was: 5.0 liters, V10, 309hp, and a whopping 553 lb-ft of torque. You could pull Cleveland with that much power, if you were so inclined. What’s more, it was good for 17mpg city and 24mpg highway, 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds, and a top speed nearing 150mph. Show me ANY production gasoline motor producing this much power that can deliver those numbers, much less an SUV.

I thought not.

2004 Touareg - 3

My TTS compatriot has some experience with VWs, and these trucks, and tells me a couple of interesting things about them: first, that they deliver on the promise. Second, they are real trucks, and not some car-based crossover or other Camry-based monstrosity. And third, that it is amazing that the V10 Touareg ever made it to production. This car comes off as an engineering exercise. To paraphrase Jonathan, “it’s a vehicle that you build because you can, and to show that yours is that much bigger than theirs – and by the way, they probably understated the power output figures.” I believe it. As the owner of a Mercedes W140 with a V12 motor, the potential running and maintenance costs of the V10 Touareg even frighten me. Still, I remember being on a road trip a few years ago and watching one of these guys barreling up I-95. He was unstoppable, and I couldn’t catch him. It wasn’t the off-the-line performance, but rather the 50-80 window where he just flew away. He made a pretty cool noise and a little smoke at the same time, too.

2004 Touareg - 5

Jeremy Clarkson, in a Top Gear test of the V10 Touareg, basically said it pulled like a freight train but handled like crap – that the comfort setting on the suspension was too wallowy and the sport setting was like driving on a washboard. Not for nothing, they also showed it pulling what looked like a giant sequoia with Clarkson riding on it. To me, unless it rides like a Range Rover whose air suspension has crapped-out, the enticement of all that diesel goodness outweighs the cons of being a little sloppy and front-heavy from a handling perspective. Add the copious creature comforts like navigation, heated/orthopedic seats, yadda, yadda, and you know? I could be convinced that there are SUVs out there even for die-hard car guys like me… And who like to pretend they drive big rigs. There aren’t a lot of these out there, and even fewer in good condition. Find one while you can.


7 thoughts on “2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI: Torque Much? Leave a comment

  1. Pretty slick. My wife has an 06 Jetta with the 1.9 TDI and a 5 spd. She never tires of telling me how great the mileage is. If VW had made a Jetta SportWagon TDI with AWD I would be driving one now. Unfortunately, in my estimation, the Jetta drives like crap in ice and snow even with snow tires on all four corners. When my son is “given” the Jetta we will likely get another diesel to replace it for Sharon.

  2. The Touareg also pulled a Boeing 747:

    Further, it’s one of the few vehicles (the only vehicle?) I’ve driven that would overpower its brakes. The process is simple. Brace yourself against the seat with your foot on the brake pedal as hard as can be. Firewall the throttle. Listen for the groan from the massive brakes as the torque wins and you inch forward.


  3. I have been using one this week – borrowed.

    It’s better than expected. It’s a brilliant everyday car. Great performance, delivered conveniently in the midrange. Lots of character in that engine. Comfort and refinement. Most surprising is that, in sport mode, where the car lowers itself, the handling is exceptional by any standard, not just an SUV standard.

    But yes, I manage 21MPG and apparently they go through tyres quickly.

  4. Love your review. Honest no-nonsense in-your-face comments. But most importantly, crystal-clear mind about the topic, CARS. Too many reviewers out there got confused and lost it. By discussing gas milage; maintenance bills; depreciation; (and etc etc cr@p too disgusting for me to even type here) what they meant as topic was transport. CAR guys only talk about stoopid makes no sense dont need it but want it insane motoring creations. Now thats a good read. Others should just belong to the female or housekeeping magazines.

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