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2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI: Torque Much?

2004 Touareg - 1

Generally speaking, I am not an SUV guy. I appreciate that you can sit up high, and frankly, I’ve found myself contemplating getting one more than once just so I have a fighting chance of seeing around the rolling billboard of an SUV or minivan that invariably manages to get in front of me every single stinking day that I commute. That said, I am most definitely a diesel guy. Ever since I got off a Pan Am 747 in Hong Kong in 1977 and was met with the incessant sound and smell of diesel motors, I’ve been a fan. Yup, I’m the weirdo that likes the noise AND the smell. It’s a thing, but it’s my thing.

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1982 Audi 5000 Turbodiesel: Slab-sided Oil Burner

As revolutionary as the sleek aerodynamic styling of the mid-1980s Audi 5000 (100/200) was, we have always had an appreciation for the older “slab sided” C2 version sold in the U.S. from 1978 through 1983. These cars had distinctively Vokswagen-esque styling along the lines of the Rabbit/Golf and the Dasher/Passat, but were markedly upscale of those cars with luxury accessories and more power than their lesser brethren. It was in these cars that Audi’s 5-cylinder motor – which lasted in varying forms through the S6 of 1996 – debuted. These days, however, good slab sides have become very difficult to find, especially with the short-run Turbodiesel motor. Find this low-mileage example here on Craigslist in Seattle, Washington with an asking price of $3,200.

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