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2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI: Torque Much?

2004 Touareg - 1

Generally speaking, I am not an SUV guy. I appreciate that you can sit up high, and frankly, I’ve found myself contemplating getting one more than once just so I have a fighting chance of seeing around the rolling billboard of an SUV or minivan that invariably manages to get in front of me every single stinking day that I commute. That said, I am most definitely a diesel guy. Ever since I got off a Pan Am 747 in Hong Kong in 1977 and was met with the incessant sound and smell of diesel motors, I’ve been a fan. Yup, I’m the weirdo that likes the noise AND the smell. It’s a thing, but it’s my thing.

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Dieseling Down: Why Can’t I buy the Diesel Car I Want in the US?

A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting next to the U.S. brand manager for Audi’s motorsports program on an overnight flight to Munich. He was off to lead a team of American journalists on a tour through the mountains near Ingolstadt in the new R8 GT. I, on the other hand, was headed to Lyon, France to gain an entirely new understanding of how the World Health Organization pontificates and promotes specific agendas, but that is a topic for a different blog. I think it goes without saying that I’d have rather gone with him. During the almost nine hours we spent together no sleeping, working, or watching movies, I did get the chance to pick his brains on a number of topics related to Audi and the automotive industry in general – among them one of my pet soapbox issues: the lack of new-tech diesel cars available to U.S. consumers.

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