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Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5, briefly

W108 280SE 4.5

The San Francisco, California, public auto auction is not normally the place to discover a classic Mercedes sedan. Generally run across the block are tatty donation cars like battered Ford Escorts, crispy Nissans imported from rusty states, or smoke-belching Saab parts cars that will not pass the state’s Draconian emissions inspection.

Occasionally something interesting gets consigned, like a clean Porsche 914 or 1980s Maserati Quattroporte, but the reserve is always full retail. My friend Jake and I would always keep our eyes open for the rough gems, but more routinely found the generic garden boulders. Continue reading

1984 BMW 733i; Time Capsule in a Tuxedo.

BMW 733i

My cohort here at TTS and I occasionally discuss why we’re not wealthy. Aside from the obvious – not winning the birth lottery, dedicating our dwindling free time to blogging – we’ve decided a lot of it has to do with karma. Continue reading

1987 Porsche 944: Disposable Sports Car #8

It was 1986, and she had just moved to my buddy Dave’s neighborhood. I was 15, she was 16, and despite my awkward teenageness, she agreed to a date with me. That night I experienced two first times, unfortunately neither was that one I was hoping for. You see, she fell ill (or did she?) and had to go home early. Since she drove and I didn’t she took me back to her house for her dad to drive me home. First #1 was that she had an early pop-up headlight Accord which I thought was cool (and still have a soft spot for – was also the first car I coached my wife through buying) and got to ride in; and First #2 was the ride in her dad’s new Porsche 944. I’d been in Porsches before (two, I think), but never a 944. Bear in mind “Sixteen Candles” was still all over HBO, and really, who among us wasn’t jealous of Jake Ryan and his 944? Find this example here on Craigslist in Boston, Massachusetts for just $3,495.

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1974 Jensen-Healey Roadster: Lotus Power and British Reliability……

It was 1984. I was 13 and my family had just moved from Southeast Asia back to New England. Among the important tasks that had to be completed (there was a very long list on a yellow legal pad) was for my Dad to purchase a “station” car. Commuting into New York City from the Connecticut suburbs happens one of two ways: you take your life into your hands, pay a small fortune, and drive in every day or you drive to the train station and relax in the quiet serenity of the Metro-North railway. At the time, my dad opted for the latter and wanted a cheap, fun car that he didn’t mind leaving at the station. The Jensen-Healey was on the short list, and we went to look at a car remarkably similar to this nice red Mk II/JH5 example which can be found here on Craigslist in Appleton, Wisconsin with an asking price of $4500.

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