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1995 Alfa Romeo 164 Quadrifoglio: Too Nice To Daily

Alfa Romeo 164 Quadrifoglio

We have covered the Alfa Romeo 164 before here on Totally That Stupid. That doesn’t mean we’ll shy away from a nice example, especially after a nationwide search, and especially while still in the middle of winter when the pickings are slim at best. No, we’ll continue to cover our favorite early-1990s front-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo sedan as long as clean, well-sorted examples appear on our monitors. Continue reading

2003 Volkswagen Passat W8; Hilarious or Hand Grenade?

Passat W8

We write a lot about sedans here at TTS because we’re that kind of geek. Actually, we’re a lot of different kinds of geek. We certainly like our sports cars, and could be tempted by certain goofy trucks sporting badges like Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. But there’s something about a fast yet subtle four-door with a manual transmission that speaks to us, both loudly and clearly. Continue reading

Next? 1980-1987 Alfa Romeo GTV6


One thing I want for the next silly old car is something I don’t see a lot of. The previous installment of “Next?” – the Audi Coupe Quattro – certainly fits that bill. I’m not sure I’ve seen another one on the road around here. That’s one of (the many) things I liked about my BMW Bavaria: There just aren’t many around, anywhere, and I never saw another at the local Cars and Coffee. Old E30 3 Series are common by comparison. Indeed, I see a couple on my daily commute. Continue reading

I’m Being Stalked By A 1991 Alfa Romeo 164S

This car has been haunting me. It keeps showing up in searches, rearing its attractive Italian face whenever I start meandering about Craigslist and SearchTempest.com. I think it’s following me. Continue reading

Nürburgring Nordschleife: Mecca for Motorheads

As I get older, I remember less and less. But I remember vividly Tuesday, March 27, 2007 – the day I first drove the Nürburgring. I flew in to London’s Heathrow airport with a 6:00am arrival, where I met up with the editorial team from Mercedes Enthusiast magazine who picked me up in style in a then-new W211 Mercedes E500 sport, and we headed east with me at the wheel. On the wrong side of the car. On about two hours of sleep. We hit the Eurotunnel train to Calais, and drove from there through the farms of Belgium and France and on to the quaint little German hamlet of Nürburg situated in the Eifel mountains. “Quaint” save for one little thing: the Nürburgring.

Continue reading