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Trip Notes: California Dreaming Porsche-style


So it wasn’t just happenstance that I recently started looking at Boxsters. In truth, besides wanting to buy a convertible in the cold months and sell it on when the weather turns warm, I have also been in the process of planning a trip to Los Angeles with my good friend and editor of the UK’s Pistonheads website, Dan Trent. There were (and still are) a lot of question marks around what we would do when we were out here, but we knew two things: first, the good people at Porsche kindly agreed to loan us a 2014 911 Carrera S for the duration of the trip, and second, we were going to explore the local Porsche culture that is really second to none anywhere in the world – including Germany.
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Shopping Notes: 2001 Porsche Boxster


As you my have ascertained from my last post, I have the itch something awful. Not THAT, no, the itch for a car. The theory I am specifically looking to put into practice is the old “buy cold, sell warm” convertible theory. I don’t know about where you are, but it has been butt cold here, and is looking to only continue down that wintry road. What better time to buy a droptop, right??

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‘Ring Report: Chaps, Cars, and Crashes


I know I’ve said it before, but there is no place on Earth like the Nurburgring. None. Nada. For this week’s trip we had the insane good fortune of going on a previously-arranged track day, and it also just so happened that my traveling companion is friendly with the organizers, so we were able to slide in under the auspices of professional journalism, but truth be told it’s very easy to become a 12 year-old boy again when you turn off the main road into the ‘ring complex.

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1997 Porsche 993: Last of the Air-cooled Porkers

An occasional TTS reader, who is also a Porsche 911 fanatic, told me he likes the blog but asked when we are going to cover some “real” cars? Considering some of the very real cars we have covered, I can only take that to mean that down there in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where the scientists glow green in the dark (also, incidentally, where my the aforementioned reader lives and works) “real” must somehow equate to squat, rear-engined, and German. If I were to accept that definition, in my world it would also mean “air-cooled” – as nature intended. But alas, he’s a water-cooled Porsche junkie. Nonetheless, the dialog reminded me of a sad chapter in my own life – related to the last of the Porsche 911s – the 993 – a car just like the car featured here which can be found on Cars.com here in Marin County, California for a very reasonable $31,555.

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Sub-$10K Steal: 1968 Porsche 912 coupe

A lot of folks tend to dismiss the Porsche 912 as nothing more than a VW Beetle with a Porsche body tacked onto it. To those who know better, the 912 more accurately represents the true spiritual descendant to the Porsche 356 series with its Porsche body and chassis mated with a mildly updated version of the 356’s flat four-cylinder motor. We stumbled across this beauty on the Pelican Parts classified forum and were immediately drawn to the period color scheme, apparently straight and solid body, and the recent work it’s had. See it for sale here on Pelican Parts for $9,000 firm in Port Orange, Florida.
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Garages Kill: A Porsche 912 in the Big City

First, that blue blur in the photo is indeed a Porsche 912. I spotted it flying up the right lane as I sat in traffic this evening on Washington, D.C.’s Constitution Avenue. If you looked real hard in the background, you’d almost see Barry playing with Bo on the front lawn of his house in the background. No kidding, this was taken between the Washington Monument and the White House. And it made my evening.

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