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The Car Geek Life, During And After COVID-19


If history teaches us anything, it’s that we humans forget things – even bad things – pretty quickly. You might argue it has something to do with our resilience as a species, but it’s equally likely we are just slow learners. In either case, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us on a global scale, and there is a good chance things won’t be exactly the same once the planet re-opens for business, or at least lands on what becomes the “new normal.” We’ve already talked about how to enjoy our car addictions in lockdown mode, but now we’re looking forward. As Car Geeks, we’ve been pondering and debating what that means to us as individuals and to the car hobby in general. Here is a short list that we here at Totally That Stupid agree on (more or less).

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1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E: Are Values for Good Ones on the Rise?

Among the interesting trends we noted at the Essen show last week was very strong asking prices for Mercedes-Benz W124 500Es. Even considering the Essen +/- 10% surcharge, sellers were looking for money starting about $30K for slightly worn cars to at least one decent but not perfect car with an asking price in the neighborhood of $90K. Considering that’s what they sold for new, that one seemed just a tad optimistic to me, but it got me wondering: are the values for clean, original 500Es poised to increase substantially in the next few years, and consequently, should I be buying one now?

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Garage Corner: A New Addition- For Now….


It’s been a while since my last Garage Corner post, partly because I, myself, can’t even keep up with the recent changes. Actually, there’s really only been one major change, but it happened so quickly that I’m still not totally sure what I did, or whether I’m happy about it. This week’s trip to Germany and England didn’t help much either, because I seem to have developed a taste for a few cars of a very different breed from my latest acquisition: this Anthracite Grey on Palomino MBTex 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbodiesel.

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The Main Event: Techno Classica 2012


This is the obligatory 2013 Techno Classica Essen picture of Hall 10 at the Messe Essen convention center which has housed this event since its inception. But this hall barely scratches the surface. In fact, Techno Classica is comprised of displays in 17 interior halls, 3 outdoor open-air “markets”, and a covered vendor gallery. There is also food. And beer. Both German, and both really very tasty! Try as you might, there is really no way to take in the whole show in just a day (That’s a hint by the way. When you plan to come to next year’s event, plan on at least two days).

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Living Classified Ads: What’s for Sale in Essen (that we can’t get at home)?


So it’s press day at Techno Classica Essen here in the sunny Eastern Bloc-era grey concrete jungle that is Essen, Germany. As promised in yesterday’s comments, one of my first jobs here at the show was to report back on the interesting cars for sale. Specifically, cars that are interesting to us that were either a) never for sale in the US, or b) are so incredibly hard to find in the States that you’re better off buying them here. Bear in mind as I discuss prices that this is the first day, so all of the cars carry the obligatory classic car show markup. Real selling prices should be expected to be lower. Significantly lower.

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1990 Alpina B10 Bi-turbo: Brilliant Bargains on eBay Germany


Okay, so we Americans cannot have this car. Well, not yet.. In just three short years 1990 model year cars will be over 25 years old, and as such, assuming that the Feds don’t do something stupid, will qualify for the 25-year importation exemption. The beauty is that this cars, and others like it, are flying low under the radar screen at the moment. A poke around the internet will tell you that there are plenty of rare and interesting cars – especially on US shores – that do qualify already. And prices are remarkably low, despite the still moderately weak dollar.

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