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Commentary: Death Of A Manual

Row Your Own

There’s been a lot of chatter for a long time about the impending demise of the row-your-own manual transmission. I’m not talking about those automated manuals – with or without an actual clutch or two – with acronyms lifted from the annals of phone company documentation such as DCT, DSG, PDK, etc. No, I speak of the real, three-pedal mechanical gear changers with a friendly stick emerging from either the floor or – if you’re old – the steering column. Continue reading

Money Is No Object (For Some)

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Thrice recently in my travels around the west metro area of our fair city – which is to say the Minneapolis suburbs – I noticed the same Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. I have no idea if it was a 2013 or a 2006 model. Like most modern Lambos that aren’t yellow or orange, it’s black with a black interior. By the prolonged farty braps squirting from the tailpipes on upshifts, I noted the presence of an automatic transmission a flappy-paddle gearbox. All I can tell you about the occupants is there was a guy driving and a blonde woman in the passenger seat.

Thrice I saw this car and thought, “Who cares?” Continue reading