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Trip Notes Part 2: Show Me a Little Merc!


It is no secret to my friends, family, and readers that I am a Mercedes Geek. It goes back to my youth when my Dad – Dr. Mechanical Engineer – regaled me with stories of the overengineering wonders that Mercedes cars were (it should be noted that a few short years after I started driving he changed alliances to Lexus). The first new car I am old enough to remember my parents buying was a Mercedes, I learned to drive on a Mercedes, and when I was finally married and on my own, I bought my first. I have since owned about fifty of them from across the range. Suffice it to say that I have a passion for Mercedes cars, especially the classics. So after a couple of days of Porsche immersion, meeting up with the good folks at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA for some Benz time was like putting on your favorite pair of shoes. And then driving them.
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1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Pagoda Euro: Opportunities and Decisions – UPDATE

UPDATE: October 3, 2011:

Pictures received, along with some more details.  The interior does come with the car, but there are issues lurking beneath.  Compression is between 105 and 130 – low for this car and with no explanation.  That suggests a head rebuild at a minimum, and potentially a full engine rebuild.  Coupled with the need for body work and paint, the cost of the car is quickly exceeding its potential value.  I still believe the car is a great deal, but for someone with the knowledge, time, room, money, skills, or friends to get the needed work completed without requiring a second mortgage – if you can even get one at this point. Inquiries welcome at totallythatstupid@gmail.com.

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