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Leno Spotting: BMW E21 3 Series Pickup

Image burgled from “1930 Duesenberg LeBaron Barrelside – Jay Leno’s Garage

I don’t watch “Jay Leno’s Garage” as much as I should. The question should probably be, “Why not?”

Needing no introduction, Jay is properly known as the consummate Car Geek. He is also, by all accounts, one of the nicest people in the hobby, if not the world. The vehicles he features on his series run the gamut, and even if you’re not a fan of the subject you can’t help but be taken in by the knowledge and enthusiasm.

A special treat for me is when Jay is driving his feature car or bike around the greater Los Angeles area and we get to see cool street-parked cars in the background. In the image above we can see a BMW 2002 – not that odd, even in today’s L.A. – and a BMW E21 3 Series pickup truck, which is certainly not usual.

I can’t find the screen-grab now, but somewhere I have an image of this M3-styled Baur TC2 – it’s actually a 323i – parked on a random SoCal city street.

Image burgled from Curbside Classics.

We’ll be looking for more of these in the future. Stay tuned!

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