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LOLCAT: 2001 Jaguar XJR

2001 Jaguar XJR

Earlier this year, my compadre here at TTS gathered five V8-powered sedans that appeal to the enthusiast mind and whose entry fee shouldn’t immediately decimate your bank account (that comes later). While he nailed the 1998-2003 Jaguar XJ8 – a very pretty and not-horrible sedan pasted together with Ford-backed British stiff-upper-lipped diligence – he missed that car’s hotrod-in-a-tuxedo sister, the supercharged XJR of the same era.

As I’m forever entertaining the next daily runner, I’ll now openly ponder an X308 XJR. Witness this 2001 example, for sale in completely inaccessible Hawaii and from a seller asking what is probably all the money and then some. Given it seems to be a clean example – and this is important, since many are very much not – let’s examine what one should look like.

2001 Jaguar XJR

The first thing you have to remember is that this is, minimally, a ten-year-old British car. Indeed, the newest one is going to be 11 years old. There seem to be two kinds of XJRs: high-mileage Craigslist frequent flyers with swirly paint and shabby leather owned by persons better suited to three-year Kia lease deals, and low-mileage creampuffs like this 2001 looked after by the same doddering (probably) owner since new (or close to). At this point, you’re shopping based on condition, which translates to reasonable or better miles and complete service history. Like so many other flagships, buying a cheap example is actually the most expensive path of ownership. Best to just step in front of the speeding train now.

2001 Jaguar XJR

To begin, this example just hits on all aesthetic levels. It doesn’t hurt matters that the X300/308 iteration of the classic XJ bodywork is genuinely pretty. Not handsome, like a Mercedes-Benz or BMW. But really beautiful, with a mix of heritage and modern cues that the newest models have completely forsaken. The only color the XJR doesn’t look great in is white. The Titanium gray sets off the Minilite-style spoke wheels perfectly. The earlier (six-cylinder) “dish” wheels, while nifty, scream 1990s.

2001 Jaguar XJR

2001 Jaguar XJR

“I shouldn’t have light-colored interiors,” says the guy with parchment leather. But this car’s Oatmeal and walnut interior – seemingly without any flaws whatsoever – could convince me to stay the beige course. Leather, leather everywhere, and bun warmers for all. Perfect color combination? Lord, there are so many, as long as we’re staying away from solid black or the aforementioned white. British Racing Green on Oatmeal would be lovely, thank you.

Being British, it will have more problems than… well, wait a minute. Will it really have more problems than a late E38 BMW 7 Series, last made in 2001? Will it really be as wallet-melting as a late W140 or early W220 Mercedes-Benz S-Class? It seems most of the common foibles either apply to the earlier X308s – Nikasil engine blocks – or are areas where the enthusiast community has taken the reigns and effected commonplace solutions. As we’ve said before here at TTS, behold the power of the Internet.

2001 Jaguar XJR

The seller of this example has had a compression test done and changes the synthetic oil based on time. Best to check the water pump – it’s a weak point – and the timing chain tensioner, which should be okay given the mileage. Everything is said to work, which is amazing given how often all those electrical accessories are likely exercised. Rust can be an issue, especially in salt-soaked Hawaii, so even though the dealer has looked it over, I’d still have a pre-purchase inspection performed above and beyond the compression test.

What about driving fun? Is it a backroads bruiser? Will it smoke a new whatever’s hot right now?

2001 Jaguar XJR

Probably not. I predict it’s a point-and-squirt car like a W210 E55 AMG. Fast when it needs to be, competent enough when you spin the steering wheel. The earlier, six-cylinder cars were available with a 5-speed manual, something not offered on these V8s. Surely, there must be a solution for that. Regardless, with close to 400 horsepower from its blown V8, I can’t imagine this car isn’t some kind of party.

And for my daily running around, encompassing groceries and daycare, that sounds just about right.

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  1. The Answer to the Question is YES.

    I have a 2000 Vanden Plas with the XJR motor (before they officially became “Super V8s”). Prior I had a 1999 750il that I owned for nearly 60K miles, and I believe that I can speak here with some authority — the Jaguar is so unbelievably cheaper it is hard to wrap my mind around. A 90K miles example I purchased off of ebay for the princely sum of $6200 – try getting a BMW 7 series for that. Too put this into perspective – I paid way less than 10 cents on the dollar for a relatively rare top flight auto; I couldn’t get a used Civic for that.

    I have a pretty long commute and the Jaguar is all Pace and Grace, and it turns out (knock on wood, about 5K into ownership with 0 maintenance outlay yet) not all that expensive.

    Nice choice for a flyer.

  2. Had two XJRs- a ’97 6 cyl and a 2000 V8. Both fabulous cars, particularly the V8. Yes, it was still a Nikasil engine but it had 230K on it when I sold it to a friend and it still pulls like a freight train and everything, yes everything works. Not to mention, that car has the BEST A/C and seats of any saloon I’ve ever owned, which means countless S-Class Mercs of various generations, a few Bentley Turbo Rs and a Silver Shadow II. I did the t-chains (there are four of them) and tensioners at 200K, gave it regular fluid and filter changes and it never left me stranded or failed to perform admirably. Love(d) that car and I will have another. The only thing I’ll do differently on my next one is the color–has to be BRG as my last one was Silver and that’s too common on any car today. I’ll also seek out an ’02 or ’03 for the obvious ‘end-of-the-line’ refinements and CATS suspension.

  3. I just bought a teenage XJR for peanuts. I’m sure the running and repair costs will eat me alive, especially given the price of petrol in Blighty. But it’s sheer joy to drive. It’s a bit big to negotiate the small streets on the double parked school run, and I can’t bear to park it near the door-dinging masses in the tiny spots at the UK grocery store car parks. It’s nice looking out the window thinking “I’m faster than you and my car cost less than 10% of your’s” though.

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