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Not-So-Hot-Rod Lincoln

Lincoln Continental

This is one of those quick little things that makes you thankful.

A couple of years ago I spotted a stunning late-1970s Lincoln Continental rolling into the local Cars & Coffee one bright Saturday morning. The gigantic blue land barge was stunning, and not just for its mass. The paint was unbelievably deep and the chrome was blinding. The lenses and glass were beautifully clear, and every little fiddly bit of trim was present and fitted perfectly. The thick velour on the driver’s seat was protected from the little old man driving by a plastic cover.

I don’t know if the car was original, but it certainly looked so. While the late-1970s were not exactly the pinnacle of American car quality standards, you have to remember this wasn’t a cheap car back then. Ford may have actually cared how it was detailed and screwed together, even during the malaise era.

The old man got out and had wandered off by the time I tracked down where the Lincoln had docked. I snapped a picture and, afer drooling from a safe distance, continued on my morning.

Today, for reason I won’t get into, I ran across this 1979 Continental on Craigslist. Same color and era as the gorgeous Lincoln I remembered from that Saturday morning.

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

It couldn’t be the same car, could it? I mean, they aren’t really everywhere, so how many dark blue examples could still be running around the Minneapolis Twin Cities?

As soon as I got home and got the munchkin to bed, I dug out – inasmuch as you can do that with a computer – the Lincoln photo I snapped. Thankfully, it’s not the same car. While license plates can and do change, the giveaway is the half-vinyl roof on the Craigslist car versus the full-vinyl roof on “my” Cars & Coffee car.

Lincoln Continental

Whew! Hopefully that little old man is still rocking his Continental. Anything less would be a shame.

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