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1975 Ferrari 308GT4: Magnum could have been a Family Man

Forget the 308GTB/GTSi. They are neat cars, and beautiful, but in Ferrari terms they are as common as Camrys. Besides that, I’m still on my four-seater kick, so they just don’t fit the bill. This little blue beauty has been nicely restored with a bare-metal respray and a complete re-dye of the interior resulting in a car that looks factory fresh. I’ll bet it smells good, too. Find it here on FerrariChat in Atlanta, Georgia for $28,500. A lot of money for the average GT4, but a pittance for an award-winning Ferrari.

Ferraris, as a rule, frighten me. A colleague of mine has a Mondial convertible the seems to incur expense just by nature of its very existence – regardless of whether it gets driven. I would hope it is due to the mistreatment or lack of use during its life, but still, any car that can cost in the multiple thousands of dollars for a timing belt change should frighten me. And you too. I am a sucker, though, for a car that looks like it has had care lavished on it regardless of cost. You couldn’t duplicate the this car for the asking price.

The seller of this car reports a long list of pieces on the car which have been replaced or refurbished, and that mostly everything works with the exception of some electrical bits and the AC – which is intact but not charged. This is always a pet peeve of mine, and usually signals something far more sinister at play with the system. If it “just needs a charge” then charge it and save yourself the headaches as a seller and the big question mark for the buyer. At least in this case, the seller references the need for seals as well. It would appear, however, that apart from the AC the seller was meticulous in his addressing of the details all the way down to the weather seals. While it will never be a GTO collectability-wise, kept in this condition this car will draw attention at your local Cars and Coffee.

The Blu Scurro paint on this car is a nice departure from the usual red on these cars. It is also nicely complemented by the tan interior. The only negative I can find with the cool four place interior is the rear seats lacking seatbelts. It shouldn’t be a huge deal to add them, and would probably go a long way to getting the wife to let you take junior along with you to the variety store on a Saturday morning. The dash is reminiscent of the Lancia Stratos which, if I recall correctly, shares a number of pieces with the GT4. The strong oil pressure is encouraging.

These cars make great track cars and terrific first Ferraris, if (BIG if) they have been maintained. Service history is critical, as is a thorough prepurchase inspection. It’s one thing to buy a Fiat 850 spider for $1200 without an inspection, but it would not be unheard of for a $30K Ferrari to very quickly become a $50K one. This seller is quite detailed in his description both positive and negative, which I always take as a good sign. The certification from Ferrari is a nice touch, and actually takes some effort to obtain. Think about it: mid-engine, gated shifter, V8 motor, wedge shape, and prancing horse for less than the cost of, well just about everything north of a Nissan Vensa. Drooling just thinking about it? I am totally that stupid.

Find more detailed photos from the seller here on Photobucket.


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