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1982 Ferrari Mondial Coupe: Ferrari Fun for Fifteen Grand??

1982 Ferrari Mondial - 2

I love that this car is green. Everybody and their mother (relatively speaking, of course) has a red Ferrari, and if not red then chances are it is black, silver, or white. I’m a fan of colors on my sports cars, but not necessarily the same colors as the vast majority. Give me a Ferrari in metallic blue, burgundy, or as you see here, good old british racing green. It’s even more attractive to me when that color is applied to a pedigreed sports car that I have a snowball’s chance in Hell of affording: a car like this one here on CarsforSale.com in Arlington, Texas for a bargain basement price of just $14,998.

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1975 Ferrari 308GT4: Magnum could have been a Family Man

Forget the 308GTB/GTSi. They are neat cars, and beautiful, but in Ferrari terms they are as common as Camrys. Besides that, I’m still on my four-seater kick, so they just don’t fit the bill. This little blue beauty has been nicely restored with a bare-metal respray and a complete re-dye of the interior resulting in a car that looks factory fresh. I’ll bet it smells good, too. Find it here on FerrariChat in Atlanta, Georgia for $28,500. A lot of money for the average GT4, but a pittance for an award-winning Ferrari.

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