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2011 BMW 328i Wagon M-Sport: The Unicorn

2011 BMW 328i Wagon M-Sport

Well-known is the fact your humble TTS staff are station wagon geeks. Having lived with and in them, the long roof versions of regular sedans have drilled deep into our frontal lobes. The combination of utility and potential sport in enticing, especially in a modern package. Last week’s Cutlass was a goofy homebrew that, while certainly entertaining, you probably wouldn’t want to drive every day in any place other than its native Florida. This week’s wagon… oh, dear Lord. Continue reading

Rare and Go Anywhere

BMWs 1992-1995 E34 5-Series station wagon, known as the Touring, is common enough. If you want one, they’re out there. Prices will depend on condition and modifications, since most of the cars were heavily optioned. Stock 525iT with a slushbox or supercharged M3-powered 5-speed track monster? Sure. What do you want to pay?

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