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1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce: Department of Redundancy Department

1982 Alfa Spider - 1

So I figure that our recollection of our first cars falls into one of two categories: either it was a complete and utter embarrassment to be seen in and you hated everything about it (as was my wife’s experience with a 1974 Dodge Monaco Coupe in metallic diarrhea) or you remember it as the Best Thing Ever. I fall into the latter category, despite the fact that my own first car – a 1977 Alfa Spider – had terminal rot and Spica fuel injection. In my mind it is one of the best cars ever, and was also, not surprisingly (because Nostalgia is a Funny Thing as my TTS cohort Jonathan would say) a far better car than the 1978 Spider I bought a few years ago to try and recapture the joy. This 1982 Spider however, available on FerrariChat out of Reno, NV for $11,500 is a whole different story..

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1978 Triumph Spitfire: Disposable Sports Car #2

Named for one of the most iconic airplanes of all time, the Triumph Spitfire came to market in 1962 and stayed in production through 1980, with relatively few major changes across the entire model run. Sure, the car was modernized, and like every other attractive car from the time it was adorned with hideous big rubber baby buggy bumpers to meet U.S. DOT safety regulations. Still, all the way through its run the Spit looked every bit the classic sports car, and offered go-kart handling and mechanical simplicity to round out the package. Nowadays, all but the best Spitfires can be had for little more than the cost of a new television (less than many, actually). Find this loved and usable example here on Craigslist in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia for just $2100.

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