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‘Ring Report: Chaps, Cars, and Crashes


I know I’ve said it before, but there is no place on Earth like the Nurburgring. None. Nada. For this week’s trip we had the insane good fortune of going on a previously-arranged track day, and it also just so happened that my traveling companion is friendly with the organizers, so we were able to slide in under the auspices of professional journalism, but truth be told it’s very easy to become a 12 year-old boy again when you turn off the main road into the ‘ring complex.

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1990 Alpina B10 Bi-turbo: Brilliant Bargains on eBay Germany


Okay, so we Americans cannot have this car. Well, not yet.. In just three short years 1990 model year cars will be over 25 years old, and as such, assuming that the Feds don’t do something stupid, will qualify for the 25-year importation exemption. The beauty is that this cars, and others like it, are flying low under the radar screen at the moment. A poke around the internet will tell you that there are plenty of rare and interesting cars – especially on US shores – that do qualify already. And prices are remarkably low, despite the still moderately weak dollar.

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