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1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20V: But The Wife Wants A 5 Series


Our affliction for old Audis is colored by rose-tinted glasses, and brought into high-definition clarity with 20-20 hindsight. A 5000S, Ur-S4, or Coupe Quattro? Sure, back in the day they were junk fixable only at the dealer. But today we have the power of the Internet. Compound that with the fact the horrible cars have mostly fallen off the road – or landed in Craigslist backwaters like Olathe, Kansas – and only the nicest examples show up for sale on enthusiast sites like Audifans.com. Continue reading


1991 Audi 200 20V Turbo Quattro: For A Few Dollars More…

Audi 200 Turbo Quattro

As my colleague here at TTS has pointed out, Old Bastard Winter is inbound on a fast train.

Winter for both of us is a “six of one, half-dozen of the other” proposition. My Minnesota winter is longer and harsher, but we know how to deal with it. Unless the snow is measured in feet… actually, even that doesn’t matter. His Virginia winter is shorter and certainly more temperate, but any amount of the fluffy white stuff cripples the entire system, sending the mid-Atlantic’s residents into delirious spasms of hoarding. Continue reading

Ingostadt’s Ür-Super Sedan: 1993 Audi S4

Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG Hammer, in the late 1980s German luxury carmakers made it part a priority to develop super-sedans in a race for power that continues to this day. The original manufacturer-developed cars were the BMW E28 M5 and the Audi 200 Turbo Quattro. They were quick machines, but rough around the edges – a little too hard for many drivers. The Audi S4 was part of the better-developed second generation of these family-oriented supercars and competed with the BMW E34 M5 and the Mercedes 500E. Both the BMW and the Audi were available with manual transmissions, while the Mercedes was not. The S6, however, had a further distinct advantage: all wheel drive. Find this clean example here on AudiFans in Portland, Oregon with a reasonable 144,000 miles for $7,000.

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V8? Check. Quattro? Check. 5-Speed?

Let’s cut the chase right now, shall we? Audi’s quality control and build standards in the late-1980’s/early-1990’s were not exactly something to write home about. You wouldn’t even mention these attributes in polite company. This point makes one of their humble offerings, like a 90 or 200, a mediocre idea at best. Applying the point to what could best be described as a niche model, like this Audi V8, pushes the idea off a cliff.
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1991 Audi 200 Quattro Avant: Das Über Wagen

1991 was the final year of the Audi body style that changed the world. In 1982, Audi took the long nose short rear concept pioneered with the Mercedes W126 sedans, smoothed it out, and brought it to the masses. In 1983 they introduced the “Avant” – Audi speak for station wagon. For one year only, Audi took the pretty wagon body, added the Quattro all wheel drive system, and topped it off with flared fender wells and their 217hp turbocharged inline-5 motor mated to a 5-speed manual transmission – the same combination Audi continued in the subsequent generation S4/S6 Avant. The result was a sleek and fast hauler any self-respecting Car Geek would be glad to drive. Find this nice example here on VWVortex in Northern New Jersey for $4000 or best offer.

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