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1987 Callaway Twin-Turbo Corvette: Mid-80s American Muscle

1987 Callaway Vette - 1

Old Lyme, Connecticut, is a sleepy seaside community in the Southeastern part of the state populated mostly by retirees and seasonal visitors from the greater New York area who can’t quite afford their homes in the Hamptons just yet. It is just about the least likely place you would expect to find an outfit like Reeves Callaway’s which has for decades taken ordinary street cars and made them, well, go. Yesterday’s post about Alfa GTV-6s reminded me of the super-cool Callaway versions of those cars, which got me looking for Callaway cars in general, and untimately led me here, to this pristine 1987 Callaway twin-turbo Corvette available on eBay in Springfield, Missouri with a Buy-it-Now price of $34,900.

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1986 Audi Coupe GT: Disposable Sports Car #9

This Craigslist ad is a terrific example of precisely how not to sell your car. The Audi Coupe GT was the poor man’s Ur-Quattro and was the foundation upon which the Coupe Quattro was based. It is the Porsche 924 to Audi’s 944 – separated by driveline differences and more importantly big, bulging fender flares. Still, the Coupe GT is a worthy car in its own right and while not a sports car in the traditional roadster, rear wheel drive sense offered a very 1980s GT driving experience in the same market niche as the Honda Prelude, Toyota Celica, and arguably the Alfa-Romeo GTV but with a distinctly Germanic flair. In any case, there is no excuse for someone – clearly an enthusiast – who owns this car not to take the time to present it properly to his potential customers.

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