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1970 Dodge Monaco: Yachting TTS-style…

1970 Dodge Monaco - 1

Cars like this Dodge Monaco are the reason that Americans were able to function for so long without minivans, SUVs, crossovers, MPVs, and, well, you get the picture. You see, cars used to be big. And not just Cadillacs and Lincolns, but regular cars, too. The average American family with 2.5 kids and a dog could easily fit in a classic four door like this, and still have room for Grandma – and that’s if they bothered to wear their seatbelts. Heck, without seatbelts you could get another 2-3 folks in the car comfortably! Sadly those days are gone in the name of efficiency and safety (?), but you can relive them for the scant $5,500 that this car available on Craigslist in Laytonsville, Maryland would cost you.
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1968 Pontiac LeMans Convertible: Nice Family Convertible in Resale Red

We will cover this more in-depth at a later time, but I seem to be on a mission to own at least one of every car my parents ever had – at least as long as I’ve been around. I’ve had the Fiat 850 Spider, the Mercedes W123 and W126, and the Alfa Spider (although there remains some debate over just whose car it was), but one car I have long lusted after yet never built up the courage to ask my wife if I can buy is a Pontiac LeMans like this example on eBay in Columbia, South Carolina with a Buy it Now price of $16,000. Understand, she hates 1970s-vintage American cars – for personal reasons involving a Dodge Monaco named “Big Rosie”….

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