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1982 BMW 633CSi: Bavarian Shark Bargain in Boise

1982 BMW 633CSi - 1

To be honest, this car is in Idaho Falls, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I love the BMW E24 6-series – always have. I first became acquainted with them when my Dad pointed them out to me, waxing about how he didn’t care for the taillight design. It’s the little things, right? Decades later I had the chance to meet and interview the car’s original designer, Frenchman Paul Bracq, who walked me through his thought processes: a modern replacement for the pretty E9 coupe, containing many of the E9’s design elements but sleeker and hearkening to Bracq’s own 1972 BMW Turbo concept car – especially in the hood and grille. In any case, the E24 is a car I’ve long lusted for, in all versions, but have never had the stars align just right to buy. This U.S. spec car appears clean, and represents a lot of car for the low $2,500 asking price (which can be even lower if you don’t want the wheels!).

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1984 Jaguar XJ-S H.E. V12 – Flying Buttresses Abound!

The Jaguar XJ-S replaced the aging E-Type in 1975, but purists were not amused.¬†While there was no question to the E-Types prowess as a performance sports car despite the numerous “upgrades” the cars received over the years, the XJ-S was definitely more of a grand tourer. The absence of an open version of the car further upset the Jaguar cognoscenti. Still, the XJ-S was quite competent in the company of cars like the BMW 6-series and Mercedes 450SLC, and was more than comfortable in the company of more exotic machinery like the Ferrari 400i. This pristine black on black leather example can be found on eBay in Houston, Texas. So far, the reserve has not been met.

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