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Watch This Space…


Hey, now! How’re things? Did you make it through COVID? Wasn’t that a drag? Did you put on the COVID 50 like we did? Moreover, are you still interested in cars, car-related things, and the ramblings of ever-aging old guys? Well you are (potentially) in for a treat!

Your TTS team has been asleep at the switchdoing more important thingsfocused on our day jobs, spending countless hours thinking up new, fun content for the old ‘blog, and we hope you’re still along for the ride!

Stay tuned if you’re up for some fleet updates, musings about cars we want, musings about cars we don’t want, musings about cars we shouldn’t want, and much more! Our laptops are fired-up and we may even use them. In the meantime, something you’d like to hear from us (or not….)..? Leave it in the comments!

It’s nice to see y’all again. Grab your beer, scotch, coffee, or whatever and get ready!

7 thoughts on “Watch This Space… Leave a comment

  1. I’m here for it! Anything from the RAD automotive era is right up my alley, to keep that kind of stuff coming. I also liked “cheap heap of the week,” and of course, anything/everything to do with Hondas and Acuras. Cheers!!

  2. Glad you made it through the pandemic and excited about hearing your opinions, even if they are wrong sometimes ;^)

  3. Looking forward to you irreverent but (mostly) precise observations. Time to add about 3 more vehicles to your fleet.

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