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1972 Citroen DS21: Brilliant Bar of Used Soap

Before the 1980s disco-inspired obsession with all things automotively aerodynamic, the French were playing with smooth shapes and innovative technologies. The DS-series cars were smooth on the outside and even smoother to drive, thanks to their hydraulic suspension which could turn any road imperfection into barely a blip on the radar screen. These days Citroens of this vintage seem to be commanding big bucks on eBay and live auctions, so this car on Craigslist in Turlock, CA for $4900 seems like a real steal for someone. Although you may want to paint it a color.

The seller states that over $4500 worth of work was done just 2000 miles ago. He also says that was 20 years ago. The wise buyer here would ship the car and inspect (and likely replace) everything rubber of importance to the car’s operation. With any luck, the suspension was serviced at that time. The good news is that the car looks to be sitting at the correct ride height.

The body on this car looks straight and appears mostly original, but the white sorely lets it down. These cars look stunning in light metallics as well as dark colors. Pale shades don’t so them any favors. My personal preference would be a stick shift, but I’ve heard tell that the “Citromatic” is a solid transmission. All the better for cruising.

The seller also says that the black leather interior is in “like new” condition. It’s a shame that the same cannot be said of the air conditioning. It even looks like it smells good. Windows down with a cigar, I don’t think I’d miss the aircon terribly. For the asking price, you should have room to paint it, fix the AC, and install the proper European headlights with the plastic covers for just the right look and with plenty of upside left when you get tired of its Frenchy quirks.

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  1. You are right. This car really is a steal at this price. It is likely that the suspension spheres at the minimum will need replacement. I have had several of these fantastic cars and absolutely love them.

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