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Obsession… It isn’t just stink.

We all have our obsessions. For some it’s certain music or bands, for some it’s sex, for some it’s work, for some it’s cars. There are a lot of other things to be obsessed with, but those four capture us pretty well, excepting maybe that work thing.. I won’t speak for my partner in crime, but for myself I can say that I loves the women, although the one I love most is in the other room as I type this. I’m hoping she’ll stick around for a while, considering that we’re at 15 years married this year, with two kids. I still like to look. No, I need to look. But I digress…..

I first became obsessed with cars when my dad – well, our dads – used to tool on their Fiat 850 Spiders in the garage on weekends. Great cars, the 850s. I once did an engine swap, with my dad’s help, in about 30 minutes. Anyway, that was the beginning. You could say we are second generation car geeks. However, where my dad was all about a well-engineered car that was easy to work on, I’ve sort of developed this need to own one of, well, everything.

In 15 years of marriage, we’ve had something like 80 cars. Literally. My wife is insanely tolerant of the habit, err, hobby, partly because it does a pretty good job of paying for itself, in the “buy low, sell high” sense. My current fleet…..

Okay, truth be told, I also have a Honda Accord Hybrid for commuting duty, and I sold the Alfa a few weeks ago. I’m sort of on the prowl for a suitable replacement, which could be just about anything. I can have fun in just about anything with four wheels. Lately I’ve been on a Porsche 928 kick. Stupid idea? Well, yeah, but I am Totally That Stupid…!
Stay tuned.

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