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1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Made in England by the English

With the inbreeding that has run rampant through the automobile industry for the past couple of decades, what looks like one brand of car is really something else. For example, Mazdas and Volvos are Fords, Saabs used to be GM, but now they’re nothing, Minis are BMWs, and an Indian car manufacturer now owns Jaguar. Perhaps the most disconcerting of all is that Bentleys are now Volkswagens and Rolls-Royces are now BMWs. Yup. Messrs. Rolls and Royce are turning in their graves at this very moment. The Rolls Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn and comparable Bentley Eight/Turbo R/Mulsanne were the last of the big cars from Crewe actually designed and built by real British people. They still build them, but now the engineering is all German, and for my money loses a little in translation. Find this last of the old-school Rollers here on eBay in Franklin, Kentucky for $14,500 or best offer.

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1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II: No, I Won’t Pass the Bleeding Grey Poupon!

By the very nature of the fact we write this thing, you know we like stupid cars. What makes a car stupid? In my mind it is the potential hassle factor associated with owning it. The thing is, stupid cars are usually the ones that are most compelling as show pieces, driver’s cars, or even just as art. For me they also need to be somewhere in the same stratosphere as my budget could handle – even if I don’t have the cash at hand, I can convince myself that I could come up with it for just the right car. The Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II is just one of those cars. This car exudes presence, class, a little snobbery, and, well, poor judgment. That last bit is only really apparent to those in the know, and Camry owners. Find it here on eBay in Muncie, Indiana with bids starting at $8500 and no reserve.

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