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1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II: British Elegance for Pence on the Pound

1980 SS2 - 1

First things first: let’s get the inevitable Grey Poupon jokes out of the way.¬† “Pardon me, but…” yadda, yadda, and so on. Great. There. Now, let’s take a real look at this beautiful old world luxury yacht automobile available HERE on CraigsList in San Diego, California, with an asking price of just $8,600.

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Watching John Lennon’s Wheels: Happy 71st Birthday, John.

I turned forty earlier this year, and it struck me as a long time Beatles and John Lennon fan that through chance, luck, or some sort of cosmic intervention, I’d lived to the same age as Lennon was when he died. It was a little strange, because being more or less my parents’ age, I’d always thought of Lennon as much older. I guess the fact that years of drug and alcohol abuse made him look even older than he was may have contributed to that perception. In any case, apart from the music and martyrdom, we don’t often hear about¬†John’s cars.

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