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Five Cars You Can Buy Today that Your Neighbor Doesn’t Have

Neighbor - 1

Part of being a TTSer is coveting the strange, unusual, abnormal, underappreciated, etc. – automotively speaking. One of our favorite pastimes in the TTS offices is to peruse classified ads from the UK, mainland Europe, and even the Far East and elsewhere in search of whacky cars that whet our appetites. A particular favorite website for this colossal timewasting is Germany’s www.mobile.de. So on the tail-end of buying another car this week (details forthcoming) and then tripping on another car I’d wanted to buy only to have the seller take his sweet time getting back to me, I thought I’d distract myself by looking for fun cars that one could conceivably buy for credit card or home equity money – including shipping – and which you’d be 100% certain your neighbor wouldn’t have. Unless he or she is more interesting than you are..
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1972 Fiat 130 Coupe: Boxy Italian Beauty

The Fiat 130 is among our favorite 1970s coupes: they were styled along the same lines as the Lancia Gamma and Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2, and much later the Bitter SC. That is to say they are boxy and very likely designed by the same folks at Pininfarina as the Lancia and Ferrari. They are also manly in an Italian Job or Steve McQueen kind of way, although McQueen could handily afford the Modena version. 130s – both coupes and sedans – are very rare Stateside, but can be found in varying states of repair on the continent. We happened across this example, which the seller reports is mechanically sorted but clearly needs at least a little interior help, while trolling mobile.de. The fact that it is an Italian car for sale in Italy (Turin, to be exact) by Italians makes it all the more appealing. As it stands, even with shipping this car could be a deal for the right buyer at €3,367, or about $4,400.

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