Monthly Archives: April 2020

The XCOR Aerospace Trunnel

Every now and then a vehicle comes out of the woodwork that is so interesting, so different, your humble narrator feels the need to surface and poke some words into a keyboard.

These days that vehicle has to be genuinely out there. It’s not going to be a Webasto-roofed youngtimer Mercedes-Benz with a random-colored velour interior, or an engine-swapped BMW using one-off pieces milled from solid unobtanium, or another something interesting I’d consider buying but ultimately decide was just too much effort.

About that last bit: I absolutely would not buy the Ford you see here. I have no room for it, we’re hoarding cash, and while I haven’t looked at it in a while – plus the fact at least half is written in Hebrew – I’m guessing there are clauses in my marriage contract about these sorts of things.

But you, dear reader, should dip into your own cookie jar of adventure without hesitation and snap up this, the one and only Trunnel.

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Car Geekery During COVID-19

IMG_6634Like most people *everywhere*, there is a good chance that due to the Coronavirus health crisis you find yourself these days with a little more time on your hands and a lot fewer places to go. I’m not a profoundly social person, but even I have found the inability to engage in even the most basic of interactions outside the home a little frustrating – and I have no doubt I am wearing thin on my family. Thank goodness for carry-out beer pickup from my favorite local. But I digress. If you’re reading this, there’s a better than fair chance that you’re a Car Geek like us. With that in mind, I decided to lay out some ways to actively engage in full-on Car Geekery whilst adhering to all applicable stay at home, social distancing, and whatever other rules apply to your locality.  Interested? Read on!

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