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1982 Mercedes-Benz 280TE AMG: The Original Euro Sport Wagon?

My introduction to Mercedes-Benz cars came in the form of a 1982 280TE wagon – bought new by my folks when we lived overseas. It was the early 1980s, and as the regional manager for his company my dad had to get something that displayed an air of the successes of his company. In Hong Kong, nothing said “success” like a Mercedes-Benz. Well, you could get a Rolls, but those were more the domain of hotels and real estate barons. I recall that we looked at the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes wagon. It always stuck with me that one of the reasons the Mercedes won out was because the seats in the bimmer “pinched” my dad’s butt. Probably more importantly, our family of five fit very nicely in the wagon, which had the optional third row seating.

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Don’t just stare at it, DRIVE it!

One of the reasons I tend to buy and sell cars so often is that I go through this seemingly never ending cycle:
1 – Find a really great car
2 – Vacillate for a week or so about whether to buy it
3 – Buy it
4 – Drive it for about five days straight
5 – Park it in the garage
6 – Drive it once or twice a weekend for about three months
7 – Decide to sell it because I’m just not using it
8 – List it for sale on eBay or Craigslist
9 – Take it out for a really good drive
10 – Remove the listing
11 – Drive it once or twice a weekend for another month
12 – List it for sale again
13 – Sell it
14 – Start the whole process again

The fact of the matter is: I don’t drive my old stupid classic cars nearly enough, so I invariably lose interest and move along to the next one. A fact which came to mind as I passed through the garage this morning on the way to get into my Honda Commuting Appliance to go to work. So moved was I by the clean little sportscar sitting there in the garage begging for love, that I went back in the house, grabbed the keys, and hit the road in style!

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1982 Audi 5000 Turbodiesel: Slab-sided Oil Burner

As revolutionary as the sleek aerodynamic styling of the mid-1980s Audi 5000 (100/200) was, we have always had an appreciation for the older “slab sided” C2 version sold in the U.S. from 1978 through 1983. These cars had distinctively Vokswagen-esque styling along the lines of the Rabbit/Golf and the Dasher/Passat, but were markedly upscale of those cars with luxury accessories and more power than their lesser brethren. It was in these cars that Audi’s 5-cylinder motor – which lasted in varying forms through the S6 of 1996 – debuted. These days, however, good slab sides have become very difficult to find, especially with the short-run Turbodiesel motor. Find this low-mileage example here on Craigslist in Seattle, Washington with an asking price of $3,200.

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